Happy Dungeons


Thank you for participating in the October Survey!

We just got finished counting the responses from the survey that began on October 16th and my word! We received over 1000 replies! That’s coo-razy!
Thank you to all of the awesome knights who responded to the survey!

As promised, since we reached the 1000 reply goal, we’ll be distributing 200 Happy Jewels to all players!!

*Presents will be sent to each player’s Inbox tomorrow, 7:00 am October 27th .
*Players have until 7:00 am November 24th (UTC) to collect their gifts.
*Items in the Inbox disappear after 30 days. Please be sure to collect the items within that time.

We’ll talk about the survey results on a later date.
Thank you for the huge number of replies!
And as always, thank you for playing Happy Dungeons!