Happy Dungeons


Take on the Tubby Zombie in Big Boss Rumble! Starts May 11th!

New Event Quest incoming! Starts May 11th!Big Boss Rumble features a showdown with a deadly boss! The higher the difficulty and the faster you beat your opponent, the better your rewards will be!

Prepare to be chilled to the bones by the terrifying, ice-wielding Tubby Zombie!
Hop into the Event and defeat the Tubby Zombie as quickly as you can for the best rewards!Unlike in Story Quest, Tubby Zombie has an affinity for ice in this Event Quest. You’ll want to prepare some powerful lightning Equipment Items to give you an edge. Coo!

Available 7:00 am May 11th to 7:00 am May 25th (UTC)!
Get ready for BIG Big Boss Rumble!