This is the Happy Dungeons Management Team.

Knights! Thank you for playing Happy Dungeons this past year!

It’s been a big year for Happy Dungeons, between the PlayStation®4 release, the Infinite Adventure major update and more, we’ve had tons of new knights tearing through our Dungeons!
Both the Management Team and the Development Team have been incredibly moved by the voices of the many knights who have found their way into our Happy Dungeons.
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to our wonderful players and Happy New Year!

Let’s make this year a Happy one!

Hello knights! It’s Kuwahara from the Management Team!

This time around, I’m here to talk about the October Survey results!
Before we begin, I want to thank all of you for the fantastic turnout! Since we received over 1,000 replies, we’ll be sending all players the top reward as promised!
Oh yea, and that top reward? We cleared the goal for that in just a single day. Holy cow!

In order to show how we intend to use the various answers provided by our faithful knights, this article will go over the various answers and the Management Team’s response to them.

The theme for our latest survey was Items in Happy Dungeons and various things about them. As for the results? Read on to learn more:


1 : What do you want most from the next weapon?

  • 1 Buffs that teach skills  34%
  • 2 Weapons that are cool or cute 26%
  • 3 High attack power     20%
  • 3 Weapons with set buffs attached    20%

Weapons that teach skills are pretty popular! I have to admit, I think they’re pretty cool too.
We’ll do our best to include more Items like this. I also want to increase the number of Items that can only be found in the Dungeons, so we’ll see about doing that as well.

One of the other big takeaways is that players put a lot of importance on an Item’s looks.
I guess we’ll just have to make even more cool-looking Items! I’m all fired up!


2 : What do you want most from the next defensive Equipment Items?

  • 1 Equipment that boosts the amount of experience points or Happy Stars you earn 38%
  • 2 Cool, cute or otherwise fashionable appearance 33%
  • 3 Equipment that comes with set buffs attached    18%
  • 4 High defense power   11%

Here, we can see a desire for more Happy Stars and more experience points. The Development Team has taken note of this and is reevaluating the current amount of experience points and Happy Stars provided to players.
Plus, while doing the above, we won’t take shortcuts with design. Expect even more awesome armors that make you say “nice!” when you see them.


3 : Please select what style of appearance you most want in Equipment Items.

  • 1 Fantasy      29%
  • 2 Japanese          18%
  • 3 Horror/scary/creepy      14%
  • 4 Sci-fi          12%
  • 5 Military       10%
  • 5 Animal-like 9%
  • 7 Modern           8%

Looks like fantasy style came out on top! Considering Happy Dungeons was created with fantasy in mind, it’s not really a surprise that that’s what players want more of.
That said, we’ll be sure to continue providing a variety of Equipment Items to ensure that ours is a world that all players can enjoy.


4 : I want this kind of Equipment Item right now!

Here we had players choose whatever Equipment Items they want most from the current pool of Items. The results varied wildly, but if we organize it by class, it looks something like this:
Warrior :

  • 1 Green Brother(Helm)
  • 2 Galactic Rift(Weapon)
  • 3 Photon Saber(Weapon)
  • 4 Lion’s Justice(Weapon)
  • 5 Heavy Dragon Armor(Armor)

Cleric :

  • 1 Cyclotron Engine(Weapon)
  • 2 Necro-Lantern (Weapon)
  • 3 Electro Ohnusa Wand(Weapon)
  • 4 Galactic Slammer Hammer(Weapon)
  • 5 Phoenix Crusher(Weapon)

Mage :

  • 1 Queen of the Soirée(Armor)
  • 2 Alchemist’s Cap(Helm)
  • 3 Divine Planet Buster(Weapon)
  • 4 Queen of the Night(Weapon)
  • 5 Holy Regalia(Weapon)

Accessory :

  • 1 Psychic Drone
  • 2 Whirlwind Scarf
  • 3 Vampiric Servant
  • 4 Vampire’s Cradle
  • 5 High Octane Tank

Unsurprisingly, Legendary Equipment Items with buffs that provide skills are popular!

These results are part of what led to the creation and release of the Happy Cards – Class Legends Pack which went on sale October 27th.
To learn more, head here.

In addition to the Happy Cards-exclusive Items, other popular pieces of Equipment such as the Green Brother, Alchemist’s Cap and Whirlwind Scarf can be found by defeating enemies.
We’re considering adding enemies who drop these Items to the next Event Quest, and perhaps even making them a bit easier to defeat!

That’s all for now!
In Part 2, I’ll talk about the next free-answer question, In the future, I want this kind of Equipment Item!

Greetings! This is House, the Lead Developer on Happy Dungeons.

This article is a continuation of one released last week where I’ll go over the results of the A Hare Raising Tail of Revenge! Event Quest survey.
The Event Quest A Hare Raising Tail of Revenge! was held from April 21st to the 30th, and many players filled out the survey for the Event.

Are there any dungeons that you would like us to add to?

The Development Team anticipated multiple requests for more Story Quest content in the survey. Thanks to fans who have messaged us through support, we know that everyone is looking forward to Season 2 and the end of Chapter 10.

Happy Dungeon’s Story Quests feature a unique story and level design. In order to ensure that we maintain that, Story Quests take more time than Events or Infinite Dungeon floors.

While we more or less have the story figured out, we’re still working out the kinks in the level and quest design.
With that said, please wait a little longer for the exciting and maybe a little serious Season 2.



In addition to additional story content, there were also many requests for more Minions. Looking back, it seems that we haven’t added a new Minion since 2016!

We’re currently working on adding new content to the Infinite Dungeon, Event Quests and new Story Quests, but adding new rare Minions is extremely difficult. That’s the main reason for the lack of new Minions. (Long time players likely remember Luna Mudo. His unlimited shot essentially broke the game.)

Currently, 6 Zones of the Infinite Dungeon and we now have data that shows us how high-level players behave in difficult Dungeons. It’s time for us to break away from past failures and move toward the dawn of a new Minion(s).


Experience Points

We’ve received many comments from players both in the survey and through our support line stating that the amount of experience points earned in game is too low, and levelling up takes too long.

We realized from the beginning that once Story mode is completed, levelling up becomes more difficult. To counter this, recent Event Quests and Infinite Dungeon campaigns have given bonus experience to help players level faster.

Playing in a party and buying Happy Jewels to raise Premium Membership Grade are another great way to increase experience earned.

That said, the Development Team is aware of the fact that there is a large wall that appears around level 30 and makes it hard to earn experience, especially in solo play. We are working on methods to improve this area in the future.


Class Balance

Happy Dungeons has 3 classes: Warrior, Cleric and Mage. At the moment, however, the balance between the 3 classes is a big problem. To put it simply, Warrior Skills are too strong and trivialize the game and Clerics are so hard to use that many feel they aren’t worth using at all. This leaves players who want to use Mages or Clerics feeling as though they must use the Warrior class, which is of course undesirable for a game.

Currently, the development team is working on adjusting Skills and tools that each class has access to with the goal of allowing players to enjoy any class. Please wait for further details.

That concludes my thoughts on the survey feedback.

There were a few comments and survey results that I didn’t have time to go over here, but please know that the Development Team is taking all suggestions to heart and using them to make Happy Dungeons a better game.
If you have any thoughts, concerns or opinions, please feel free to contact us on our main site or on one of our social networking services.

Thank you for your time, and good-bye for now!

This is the Happy Dungeons Development Team Leader House.

I would like to share the development team’s thoughts on the recently held survey.

The Event Quest A Hare Raising Tail of Revenge! was held from April 21st to the 30th, and many players filled out the survey for the Event. Due to the large volume of responses, we’ll be separating this feedback report into two parts.

A Hare Raising Tail of Revenge!

The Event Quest A Hare Raising Tail of Revenge! was our first attempt at a Raid where players from all over the globe worked together through our main website. Those of us in the Development Team set an extremely high goal of 360,000 bosses slain and yet our players blew away our expectations and surpassed the goal with several days left until the end of the event.

However, there is also plenty of room for us to improve. Players from all over have sent us their thoughts and opinions on that as well, which I’ll discuss in more detail below.

1.Spending Treasure Keys takes too much time!

For those who are unfamiliar, Treasure Keys are a special item that drops during events. Collecting a lot of them allows you to trade for Tools and materials for Item Level-Up.

Treasure Keys were balanced around low-level players with the intention of providing much needed Tools and Item Boost materials. The unfortunate side effect was that high-level players who can collect a lot of keys in a short period of time were required to spend a lot of time and effort to trade-in their keys.

The development Team sees two difficulties here. One, it’s difficult to find a drop rate for Treasure Keys that satisfies the majority of players equally. Two, the amount of time it takes to spend Treasure Keys at the Treasure House is simply too long.

We recognize that the Treasure Key mechanic in and of itself is good, but that its presentation until now has been flawed. We’re currently reviewing it and thinking of ways to improve it in the future.


2.Send us our rewards sooner!

Despite the Event ending on April 30th, rewards were distributed with the following minor update on May 10th. We did this in order to provide ourselves ample time to ensure that the items were delivered without a hitch. That said, we realize that we failed to consider the fact that players would want their items as soon as possible.

Additionally, the delivery date for rewards was announced after the Event had concluded, leading to disappointment among players. We plan on handling Event rewards more smoothly in the future.


3.Doing the same thing over and over is boring / tiring.

This Event featured 2 areas before the boss (3 for the first time). As the Event Quest put a greater focus on defeating a lot of Rabbit Bowies over exploration, the area variation was very low. This on top of the wide-open rooms lead to a feeling of repetitiveness.

There are many factors that can lead to this, including enemy durability, character movement speed, variations within the Event itself, etc. We will work toward improving the game, but there is no simple solution.

Starting in May, we introduced new Weekend Duel Events where players battle a specific boss. As we often receive requests for boss only Dungeons, this is a perfect way for players looking for a quick boss fight to enjoy themselves.


The next Event Quest

The Development Team intends to hold at least one Event Quest per month, with each Event providing a fun experience.

However, satisfying both casual players and high-level players may take some time.
We may not be able to make dramatic changes right away, but we will strive to make each Event better than the last.

That’s all for Part 1.

It’s been a while!
It’s me, “K” from the Happy Dungeons Development Team.

Last week, Happy Dungeons was in Kyoto City, Japan for the A 5th of BitSummit indie festival!
BitSummit is an annual event where indie game developers can show their creations to players from all over!


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the event report!

On the first day, we had no time to enjoy the sights of beautiful former capital. Instead, we spent the morning setting up our booth in eager anticipation of the day…

…speaking of the booth, check it out here!



Next, here’s our one-of-a-kind Dinkies figure, produced in Toylogic’s secret underground laboratory!

Oh, and let’s not forget the exclusive badge and card we handed out to everyone who came out and played!



With that, our preparations were complete!

Meanwhile, at the entrance…

…a massive line! It looked like a storm was coming!


Finally open.

Every booth in attendance was soon swamped with a wave of attendees!

That includes us, as well.







A Happy young man, too!

Father and son!



It was a constant stream of people!
In fact, the staff didn’t even have time to take a break (lol)


The exclusive badges we were giving out to attendees who came to play ran out a whole two hours before the event ended for the day!
Argh! If only we’d brought more!! To everyone who didn’t get one, I’m so very sorry!!


That said, the best part of this event were all of the responses we received from the people who came out to play!
It warmed all of our hearts to hear people say our game is fun, or that they want to play it more.
It was all thanks to BitSummit that we got to hear player reactions directly!

Entering day two, our team was feeling so great thanks to the incredible kindness of everyone who came and played our game on the first day, that the producer fainted! But don’t worry, we always keep an extra few Soma around for just such an occasion.

Thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts, to everyone who came out and played!

That’s all for the event report.


This event has further strengthened our resolve to continue improving Happy Dungeons and making it the best game it can be!

To all of you, we hope to see you in Happy Dungeons again soon! Till next time!

Hi there, nice to meet you!
This is the Happy Dungeons game designer K.


Last week, we participated in an event in the Tokyo Game Show’s Twitch booth.
Tokyo Game Show is the biggest game in Japan, displaying games for all audiences during 4 days.


This is the report of that event.

In the Twitch booth, both the director of the game Kurumin and the game designer K made apparition.


First of all, the game’s PV.
You can also watch it through Youtube!
So many people saw it already!


After that, the gameplay.
They did a 4 player Co-op with staff members in the company’s headquarters.
Our game designer chose a warrior. The spectacular visuals and the high damage stood out the most.
You already know the game’s cute looks and the exciting sound!


We wanted you to see the gameplay, and the TGS stage was perfect for that.
The stage that you can see above will be playable soon, so don’t forget to try it out!


The presentator got confused there, but the numbers on the top left part are not prisoner numbers. They are levels. Yes. There are no prisoners in our company. That’s right.


…And here comes the goblin boss!
This is getting dangerous.


It was fine, please relax.
We were long trained for this very moment.
Our game designer was able to continue without problems.
Finish move. Only appears when certain conditions are met.
Those who are interested give your best during the boss fight!


This was the Happy Dungeons Tokyo Game Show report.


Currently you can see the video here from 03:26:00.
If you haven’t seen it yet don’t miss it!

From now on, we will continue working to make this the best possible game.
In the following days, we will attend the TwitchCon 2016 and we will have a Major Content Update on October.

Now, let’s go play Happy Dungeons!

This is Kurumin, the director of Happy Dungeons.

The zombies are finally here!
We all know that humans mostly face 5 kinds of enemies: zombies, armed troops, aliens, dragons and demons.
That’s why we went for zombies.

Also, it’s so fun to send them flying away!



Today the dungeons “Fearsome Invention” and “Return of the Papa” have been released.
Let’s enjoy the first fight against zombies!



There are 3 points you should consider when arguing with zombies:

  • They pretend to be dead. Make sure they die for real!
  • Try to defeat the vomiting guy first
  • Bomb Zombies are the biggest pain in the ass. If you hit them, they explode so roll with LS+LT to evade!



Changing the subject, do you like Warriors? What a foolish question, of course you do!
You probably enjoy melee attacks even more than bacon or steaks. Me too.
Actually, I often participate in the game with you guys.
Of course, I also watch the videos you upload!
That’s why I have some useful advice.


  • You make more damage to the enemies if you hit them from behind
  • They key to improvement lies in how much you can increase your Rage counter without being hit. You can always go from a normal X button attack to a LT roll. If an enemy glows in red, it means it’s going to attack. Let’s evade with LT ASAP.
  • The drum cans can be sent away with the A skill “Bash” or with an uppercut by tapping RT twice, so use them wisely. Remember, Clerics can uppercut too!


I’ll leave it for today and go back to work in the game.
The team is very happy for all your messages of support!
Thank you!!

We still have many updates to do,
so let’s keep playing Happy Dungeons for a long time!

Hi, everyone!

Happy Dungeons has been released via the Xbox One Game Preview program.

The Xbox One Game Preview is a program to release a game in its beta phase so we can include users’ feedback in the developing process of the final version.

Happy Dungeons is continuing its development every day.
We’d like to improve the good points and change the not-so-good ones!
Please let us know your opinions and requests here:

We’ll also keep updating the Developers Blog periodically with the following posts:

  • Announcements of the latest updates
  • Game setting and background
  • Developers’ working environment
  • And much more!

We will do our best to make Happy Dungeons more and more enjoyable for all of you.
Thank you for your support!