Hello knights! It’s Kuwahara from the Management Team!

This time around, I’m here to talk about the October Survey results!
Before we begin, I want to thank all of you for the fantastic turnout! Since we received over 1,000 replies, we’ll be sending all players the top reward as promised!
Oh yea, and that top reward? We cleared the goal for that in just a single day. Holy cow!

In order to show how we intend to use the various answers provided by our faithful knights, this article will go over the various answers and the Management Team’s response to them.

The theme for our latest survey was Items in Happy Dungeons and various things about them. As for the results? Read on to learn more:


1 : What do you want most from the next weapon?

  • 1 Buffs that teach skills  34%
  • 2 Weapons that are cool or cute 26%
  • 3 High attack power     20%
  • 3 Weapons with set buffs attached    20%

Weapons that teach skills are pretty popular! I have to admit, I think they’re pretty cool too.
We’ll do our best to include more Items like this. I also want to increase the number of Items that can only be found in the Dungeons, so we’ll see about doing that as well.

One of the other big takeaways is that players put a lot of importance on an Item’s looks.
I guess we’ll just have to make even more cool-looking Items! I’m all fired up!


2 : What do you want most from the next defensive Equipment Items?

  • 1 Equipment that boosts the amount of experience points or Happy Stars you earn 38%
  • 2 Cool, cute or otherwise fashionable appearance 33%
  • 3 Equipment that comes with set buffs attached    18%
  • 4 High defense power   11%

Here, we can see a desire for more Happy Stars and more experience points. The Development Team has taken note of this and is reevaluating the current amount of experience points and Happy Stars provided to players.
Plus, while doing the above, we won’t take shortcuts with design. Expect even more awesome armors that make you say “nice!” when you see them.


3 : Please select what style of appearance you most want in Equipment Items.

  • 1 Fantasy      29%
  • 2 Japanese          18%
  • 3 Horror/scary/creepy      14%
  • 4 Sci-fi          12%
  • 5 Military       10%
  • 5 Animal-like 9%
  • 7 Modern           8%

Looks like fantasy style came out on top! Considering Happy Dungeons was created with fantasy in mind, it’s not really a surprise that that’s what players want more of.
That said, we’ll be sure to continue providing a variety of Equipment Items to ensure that ours is a world that all players can enjoy.


4 : I want this kind of Equipment Item right now!

Here we had players choose whatever Equipment Items they want most from the current pool of Items. The results varied wildly, but if we organize it by class, it looks something like this:
Warrior :

  • 1 Green Brother(Helm)
  • 2 Galactic Rift(Weapon)
  • 3 Photon Saber(Weapon)
  • 4 Lion’s Justice(Weapon)
  • 5 Heavy Dragon Armor(Armor)

Cleric :

  • 1 Cyclotron Engine(Weapon)
  • 2 Necro-Lantern (Weapon)
  • 3 Electro Ohnusa Wand(Weapon)
  • 4 Galactic Slammer Hammer(Weapon)
  • 5 Phoenix Crusher(Weapon)

Mage :

  • 1 Queen of the Soirée(Armor)
  • 2 Alchemist’s Cap(Helm)
  • 3 Divine Planet Buster(Weapon)
  • 4 Queen of the Night(Weapon)
  • 5 Holy Regalia(Weapon)

Accessory :

  • 1 Psychic Drone
  • 2 Whirlwind Scarf
  • 3 Vampiric Servant
  • 4 Vampire’s Cradle
  • 5 High Octane Tank

Unsurprisingly, Legendary Equipment Items with buffs that provide skills are popular!

These results are part of what led to the creation and release of the Happy Cards – Class Legends Pack which went on sale October 27th.
To learn more, head here.

In addition to the Happy Cards-exclusive Items, other popular pieces of Equipment such as the Green Brother, Alchemist’s Cap and Whirlwind Scarf can be found by defeating enemies.
We’re considering adding enemies who drop these Items to the next Event Quest, and perhaps even making them a bit easier to defeat!

That’s all for now!
In Part 2, I’ll talk about the next free-answer question, In the future, I want this kind of Equipment Item!