Hi there,
This Kurumin, the director.

Today I was asked to write ,
so here it goes!

This is the secret to win in any action game:
<hit the enemies without being hit!>
That’s it, goodbye!

… That was a joke.
They are looking me with weird faces so I’ll just keep writing…


Happy Dungeons has a time limit, so even if you apply the aforementioned secret,
if you don’t wear strong items it’s game over.

Don’t forget to level up your weapons.
Between the armor and the helmet, I would advise to level up the armor first.
It makes your defense raise a lot!

Equipment recommendations

Items with elements have a high impact on the battlefield. Elements have an indicator called “Element Level”, the higher it is the more damage it does/prevents.

You can check it from the equipment screen, so let’s try to equip items with a high Element Level.


Warrior tips

  • More than attacking, first let’s concentrate on not getting hit. That way, you can get a lot of rage.
  • When the warrior is in rage, they get incredibly powerful. You can make enemies fly away with “Uppercut” and “Bash”, hitting other enemies, which will give you more rage.
  • With Super Guard you can defend your allies from enemies that throw projectiles. This is very important in multiplayer.
  • The team skill “Cheer” is very powerful even if you use it by yourself. If you play solo it’s still very useful, try to remember that. It is especially effective before throwing a spear to a boss.

Cleric tips

  • As a healer, it is very important that you don’t die. Therefore, you should remember to cast “Sacred Armor” on yourself often.
  • Sanctuary is a good skill to use before changing areas. Let’s try to heal the allies to reduce the number of Healing Potions used.
  • The skill “Surprise Slam” can be used in solo play, but it is most effective when an ally can take advantage of the stunned enemies.
  • The skill “Exorcism” makes great damage to undead foes. It is very useful in stages full of zombies, try it out.

Mage tips

  • The backbone of the mage attacks are the RT shots. Depending on the element the shot will change, so play around will all of them.
  • Ice and lightning shots are great to stop enemies. I would advise to have your weapon enchanted with one of those elements.
  • The cooldown of the normal X attacks is very long, but remember that you can cancel it with an RT shot or an LT roll.
  • The damage caused by “Ice Javelins” and other spears with elements depends on your attack and magic attack. A mage can also do a lot of damage with them.
  • The team skill “Lightning Arrows” is very effective against large enemies.

If you have any other doubts, please ask our Pidgeand.

I’ll leave here for today.
Until next time!