Happy Dungeons for PlayStation®4 Early Registration Campaignfor PlayStation®4 Early Registration Campaign Happy Dungeons for PlayStation®4 Early Registration Campaign Period:August 10th,2017 – 31th,2017

Earn awesome rewards for registering early!Earn awesome rewards for registering early!

As we enter the final count down toward the release of Happy Dungeons for PS4, we’re holding an Early Registration Campaign

Sign up with your Online ID and receive fabulous rewards when the game launches in September!

  • Meet the Early-Registration Exclusive Minion, Mimi!

    Meet the Early-Registration Exclusive Minion, Mimi!
    Minions are small characters who follow you into Dungeons. Mimi’s ability makes all allies invincible for 3 seconds after opening a treasure chest!
  • Happy Cards Free Pass x10

    Happy Cards Free Pass x10
    With these, you can try your hand at Happy Cards for a chance to win Rare Equipment Items!

Rewards based on number of Early Registers!Rewards based on number of Early Registers!

In addition, those who register early will receive Happy Jewels which can be exchanged for items. If the number of registered players exceeds 25,000, then everyone who registered will receive 500 Happy Jewels! Register early and join players from all over the world in Happy Dungeons!


What are Happy Jewels?
Happy Jewels can be used to purchase in-game items or used to obtain Equipment Items in Happy Cards.

Receiving your free present

After creating new save data on the PlayStation®4 version of Happy Dungeons, you’ll see a message at the Title Screen stating that your present was received. In-game, go to Inbox under the Gift tab to collect your present.

  • *Presents can be collected once per Online ID
  • *Players have until 6:59 am on September 30th, 2017 (UTC) to collect their present. If save data is created after this period then you will be unable to collect your present.
  • * Items sent to the Inbox disappear after 30 days. Please be sure to collect your present before it disappears.
  • Please enter your PSN™ Online ID
  • Confirm Online ID

Register Early!

Early Registration Notice

  • *During this campaign, please note that we will use the PSN Online ID of early-registrants before release.
  • *We will only use this information to provide players with the benefits listed in this article. Please take a look at Toylogic’s Privacy Policy for more details.
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