Happy Dungeons


Special Orders Available Daily for 4 Days! Get tons of Jewels!

Period : October 16 , 2017 AM 7:00 - October 20 , 2017 AM 6:59 (UTC)

Knights, are you ready for the October 20th Event Quest?
I’ve got good news for those of you shaking with anticipation!

Starting today at 7:00 am (UTC), until the day of the Event, there will be a Special Order every day!
Complete these Special Orders on the day they’re released, and you’ll earn yourself 40 Happy Jewels, for a total of 160 Jewels if you do it each day!

*Rewards for completing Special Orders will disappear once the following day’s Special Order arrives. Please make sure to collect your reward right away.


Order Availability Order
Oct 16th – 17th 7:00 am Change your Equipment Items
Oct 17th – 18th 7:00 am Clear 3 Quests as a Warrior
Oct 18th – 19th 7:00 am Clear 3 Quests as a Cleric
Oct 19th – 20th 7:00 am Clear 3 Quests as a Mage

Those of you who manage to complete every Special Order will get a whopping 160 Happy Jewels! Coo!!
These Orders and their rewards will only be available for 1 day, so make sure you don’t miss them!
Available until 7:00 am October 20th (UTC)! 4 days!
Now go out and get your Jewels!