Happy Dungeons


The Flame & Divine Inferno Pack Blazes into Happy Cards

Period : November 10 , 2017 AM 7:00 - November 24 , 2017 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Starting November 10th, Happy Cards will feature the Flame & Divine Inferno Pack!This special pack is burning with some of the best fire element Equipment Items in the game—perfect for battling the wind element enemies prowling through the next Event Quest!
Plus, you can also get the Divine Inferno Series, which has just received new Awakening forms for you to test out!


Learnable Skills


Class Skill
Warrior Dragon Quake
Summons a pillar of fire from the ground. Use it in combination with other attacks!
Mage Ifrit’s Inferno
Incinerates enemies in front of you with fiery breath.
Cleric Phoenix Revival
Attacks enemies while recovering nearby allies.
Awakening Forms
Before Dragon Fang After  Dragon Fang Pro
Before Phoenix Crusher After   Phoenix Crusher Pro
Before Ifrit’s Headbutt After  Ifrit’s Headbutt Pro
Before Dragonheart After  Dragonheart Pro
Before Phoenix Featherwear After  Phoenix Featherwear Pro
Before Ifrit’s Blessing After  Ifrit’s Blessing Pro

Available until 7:00 am November 24th (UTC)!
The Event Quest starting November 10th features a boss weak to fire!
Turn up the heat with the Flame & Divine Inferno Pack!