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Exclusive Items in the Event Quest Running of the Bulls! Showdown in the Crimson Dojo!

Period : November 24 , 2017 AM 7:00 - December 4 , 2017 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Knights! It’s getting p-p-pretty coo-ld don’t you think?
Keep yourself warm with some muscle training! Join the latest Event Quest, on now!

And make sure you don’t miss the second-ever Happy Fest, also going on now!
Heat things up with a hot-blooded festival!


Burning Winter! Running of the Bulls! Showdown in the Crimson Dojo!

Prepare for a 3-round showdown against the burning hot ace trainer, the Crimson Ogre!
Battle with the Crimson Ogre and receive special Treasure Keys known as Crimson Keys! Collect as many as you can to earn incredible rewards!

Step into a torrent of energy balls!

It’s a well-known fact that the greatest masters of karate can even shoot energy balls from their hands, but this is guy is on an entirely different level! The Crimson Ogre’s mastery of martial arts allows him to fire an unprecedented number of projectiles! Warriors! Defend your allies with Super Guard if you expect to stand a chance!


Treasure House

The Treasure House is a place where you can trade Treasure Keys for items.

The Treasure House is separated into several rooms, each with a set number of items.

Inside these rooms, you can find incredible special items! By obtaining a special item, you can move on to the next room where even more items will be waiting for you. As you advance to new rooms, the items you receive will also advance in awesomeness! Put your back into it and collect as many Treasure Keys as you can if you want tons of rewards!

*Players will not obtain Punishment Points in this Event.


Incredible Rewards in the Treasure House!

Happy Cards Free Passes, Finest Ore and other rewards await! Players who want to improve their Equipment Items will want to get as much from the Treasure House as they can!


Awaken the Event Items!

Certain Items exclusive to this Event can Awaken all the way to Cosmic!
The further you Awaken these Items, the more Crimson Keys you’ll collect!
This boost to Crimson Keys earned won’t just help you, it will affect your entire party!
Awaken your Items and join forces with your friends to get the most out of this Event!

Crimson Key collection bonus:

  • Cosmic : 30% up!
  • Epic : 20% up!
  • Rare : 10% up!

*Crimson Mail -1, Crimson Jacket -1 and Crimson Robe -1 do not possess any special effects before being Awakened.

*Crimson Belt cannot be Awakened.


Defeat the Crimson Ogre with Megian Gartona Reu 2!

Just like the previously available Megian Gartona Reu, this fiery throwing spear is especially effective against the wind wielding Crimson Ogre!
Unlike last time however, the Megian Gartona Reu 2 is effective against the Crimson Ogre in particular, while not being quite as powerful against other enemies as its predecessor. It really is perfect for taking down the massive martial artist!
Show that karate sensei who the real master is and take him down with the powerful Megian Gartona Reu 2!

Also, for the duration of the Event Quest, you can obtain more Megian Gartona Reu 2s in the Item Shop!
Grab the Festival Pack to get some free. Learn more here.

*We well no longer sell Megian Gartona Reu. From now on, Megian Gartona Reu 2 will be the only one available.


Quest Availability

Quest Name Availability
The Legendary Master 7:00 am November 24th – 7:00 am December 4th
Bronze Belt 7:00 am November 24th – 7:00 am December 4th
Silver Belt 7:00 am November 24th – 7:00 am December 4th
Gold Belt 7:00 am November 24th – 7:00 am December 4th
Crimson Belt 7:00 am December 1st – 7:00 am December 4th

*All times listed in UTC.