Happy Dungeons


Infinite Adventure Major Update Celebration Campaign!

A Major Update is coming to Happy Dungeons on December 7th! Jump into the Infinite Adventure and celebrate with our Happy-est campaigns yet!


Happy Cards – Class Legend Pack!

To celebrate our Major Update, we’re releasing the Class Legend Pack!!
With this Special Pack, you can pick the Class you want, and you’ll receive Items for that class only!
To make it even better, each pack comes with at least 1 Legendary Item!!
Don’t miss your chance to power up your favorite class, or whatever class you feel is falling behind. It’s hard to find a deal more legendary than this, and it’s only in Happy Cards!
Packs are priced at 300 Happy Jewels, but your first pack will be discounted by 100 Jewels!

200 Jewels is a steal for such an amazing pack!
And don’t worry, the all-new Shining Emperor Series is also available in this Pack!

The Happy Cards – Class Legend Pack is available from 7:00 am December 7th to 7:00 am December 11th, just in time to power-up for the Infinite Adventure! Don’ t let this legendary chance get away!

*Each player can buy only 3 packs total. For example, if a player purchases 2 Warrior Packs and 1 Cleric Pack, they will be unable to purchase a Mage Pack.
*Weapons, Armor and Helms all have a chance to appear.


Double Experience in the Infinite Dungeon!

All enemies in the Infinite Dungeon will drop double Experience during this special campaign!
Strengthen your character and your resolve to face the powerful new enemies at the lowest depths of the Infinite Dungeon!
Campaign available from 7:00 am December 7th to 7:00 am December 15th (UTC)!

Get free Super Paper Clay for use with the brand-new Appearance Save Function!

Log in during this campaign for 2 Super Paper Clay free!
Use these to lock the appearance of an item to a different item! A one-of-a-kind, super effect!
Campaign available from 7:00 am December 7th to 7:00 am January 5th (UTC)!
Check out the new Appearance Lock function and tear through the Dungeons in style!


Get a Happy Cards Free Epic Pass when you log in for the first time!

All knights who join us during this campaign will have their first Happy Cards Free Pass upgraded to a Free Epic Pass when they log in for the first time!
As the name suggests, players can turn in this pass to receive a Happy Cards Pack containing a free Epic item!

New knights! Jump into the Infinite Dungeon with a powerful item, right from the beginning!
Campaign available from 7:00 am December 7th to 7:00 am December 22nd (UTC)!