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About Users’ Feedback

Thank you for playing Happy Dungeons. The Xbox One Game Preview is a program we use to receive feedback from users while we keep developing the game so the final release can have the highest possible quality.
We already received many opinions. Let us show you some of the feedback and our answers here today.

It’s not easy to match.
In the next Content Update, we will add Quick Match that will make the matchmaking much easier.
One of the reasons of the matching not succeeding might be that the lobby is set as private. In that case, please press Y button to open the lobby. We will change the default setting of the lobby to open in the future.
I broke my equip item by mistake when I removed the item buff.
In the next Contents Update, items will no longer get broken by removing buffs. In exchange, the price to remove a buff will be increased.
Will I able to transfer the data to the official released version?
Yes. Those who are playing the Game Preview Version will not need to do a data transfer since it will change to the Official Released Version by having a major update. Purchased Happy Jewels, story progress, characters and Items growth progress, unlocked achievements, etc. will carry over to the Final Version.
Which drums are the achievements “Destroy ** drums” referring to?
There are referring to five types of drums.
・Exploding Drums – Gradation from red to yellow drums
・Fire Drums – Red drums
・Electric Drums – Purple drums
・Tornado Drums – Green drums
・Ice Drums – Blue drums
Please read the support page below for details.


Is there any plan of additional contents after Lv50?
Yes. New buffs, stronger equipment, enemies, and minions will be added in the future Content Update.
I want to buy “Super Healing Potion” and “Hyper Healing Potion”.
In the future Content Update, we are considering adding them to the Item Shop lineup.
The rage goes down when my teammates are hit. Can you separate the counters?
The rage is actually easier to stack up in the current form than separating the counters. Successful hits create a combo, which builds your rage counter. When the counter reaches a point, you enter a power up mode that boosts your attacks. It resets to zero if you move areas or receive an enemy attack.
In multiplayer mode, the rage is shared so the counter shows the total of the players’ rage. If one of you receive an attack, the part that character had is taken away from the counter.
I want limited time Special Dungeons besides Story Quests.
We are planning to hold them in the future Content Update. We are still developing them, so please wait for a little longer.
There are many fixed buffs.
Some items have fixed buffs and others have removable buffs. Drop Items may have removable buffs, so you can collect them to remove the buffs.
I want more character parts.
Many more parts will be added in the future Content Updates. Please wait for it.
I need the descriptions of Buff Gems.
We will add the descriptions to the Support Page soon.
Buff Gems are hard-to-acquire jewels imbued with power, they are not to be equipped.
You can see your Buff Gems in “Removing Buff” and in the same menu you can remove buffs from Buff Gems.
You can also read the description about the Buff Gems in the Game.
“Help” -> “How to Play” -> “Item” -> “Item Remodeling” -> “Buff Gems”
I want to see the rate for Happy Cards.
We are planning to reveal it soon. Please wait for a little longer.
It’s too hard to have rare minions. Can I extend the minion party?
Not all kinds of minions have been appeared yet. There will be more kinds of minions in the future.
I want to take multiple “Sacrifice Souls” with me.
We will make it so that you can carry more than one in a future update.
I want an Item Encyclopedia and Buff Encyclopedia. I’d like to know the parameters that items will have when they reach max level.
It’s not included in the next Content Update, but it’ll be added in a future Content Update.
At the moment, you can see the maximum parameter in the Lineup screen of Happy Cards.
Please add a female version of “Elven Frock”.
We will add it in a future Content Update. Please wait for it.
I want an option to turn on/off the controller’s vibration.
In the next Content Update, we are going to add it in the in-game options.
I think the experience points are too few when I play missions for the second time.
We will balance the missions’ experience points once all stories are released.
I think experience points from multiplayer mode are not enough.
In a future Content Update, the experience points in multiplayer mode will be adjusted.
Enemies have too much HP in multiplayer mode.
In the next Content Update, we will adjust the scale up of the enemies’ HP in multiplayer mode.
I’m not satisfied with the current Premium Membership “Platina”.
In the future Content Update, we will improve it to raise user satisfaction.
In the game log, sometimes my account name is used for another player’s status such as “(player name) has died!”
It will be fixed in a future Content Update.
The description of “Minion Party Capacity Increase” doesn’t correspond to what it does.
It will be fixed in the next Content Update.
The Skill HUD sometimes slides when I change the area.
It will be fixed in a future Content Update.
There is a bug that changes the character’s looks in the lobby.
It will be fixed in the next Content Update.
The number of Happy Stars received as rewards for “Keeping the Peace is Fun” is wrong.
It will be fixed in the next Content Update.
There are 8 rings for the team skills.
In the next Content Update, we will fix it to display one big ring.
I can’t receive the Login bonus correctly.
We are fixing it now. It’ll be fixed in a future Content Update.
The Cleric attack speed is too slow.
We will adjust it in the next Content Update.
What is the difference between the blue door and the purple door in the map?
Behind the purple door, stronger enemies are waiting for you, and you have more chances of receiving better items.
If you go through the blue door, the story goes on without changing enemy’s level.
There are many Leader Abilities for Minions, and I’d like to know if everything is released already.
In the list, there are Leader Abilities of Minions which still haven’t appeared in the game. New Minions will appear in the future too, so please wait for a little longer./dd>
Are buffs dropped in the “Human” difficulty?
Yes. However, up to Chapter 3 in “Human” difficulty, the buff drop rate is comparatively low.
Buffs are attached to equip items when they are dropped, so you should remove them and attach them to items of your choice in Item Remodeling.
How can I get a crescent moon marked Legendary weapon?
At the moment, you can obtain them in advance through Happy Cards and the Rare Metal Shop. They will also appear as a drop items in the future.
Are there “Heroic Statues”?
An item which has the same name will appear in the future. However, unlike the one in Happy Wars, it will be an item made to give you many Happy Stars when you sell it.
What does the RT button do for Mages, physical attack or magic attack?

RT is a magic attack. You can do a physical attack with the X button.
What is “Max Damage”?
The maximum damage that a player has ever done in one hit. Skill damages are also counted, so there are some skills like Charge Attack and Meteor Storm that do comparatively high damage.
What time is the update data distribution?
During the Game Preview, the game is updated every Friday at 1:00 – 1:20 (UTC). To reduce server’s load, the update time is dispersed. If the contents make it necessary to change the schedule, we will announce it on the Home Page.

We are looking forward to receiving your opinions and requests about “Happy Dungeons”.
Please write us through the URL below.
Thank you for your continued support of “Happy Dungeons”.