Happy Dungeons


Happy Stars Galore, in Story Quest Chapter 5!

Period : March 9 , 2018 AM 7:00 - March 16 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Coo-hoo! Knights!
Earn tons of Happy Stars with this week’s campaign!
Level-up Items, remove buffs… anything you need Happy Stars for, now is the time to pick them up!


Star Galore Campaign!

Play through Story Quest Chapter 5 between 7:00 am March 9th and 7:00 am March 16th (UTC) for double Happy Stars!!
Not only that, if you play on Insane difficulty, the number of Happy Stars you receive will double once again!
That’s 4 times the number of Happy Stars as normal!! How coo-coo-cool is that!!