Happy Dungeons


All-New Ice Step Up Pack! Finally, the Frozen Dusk Series Awakens!

Period : March 16 , 2018 AM 7:00 - March 30 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

The coo-l, dark and mysterious Frozen Dusk Series is ready to Awaken at last!
To celebrate, check out the Happy Cards – Ice Step Up Pack from March 16th!
Prepare for the March 23rd Event Quest and fight fire enemies with ice! Tiers 1 and 3 also come with special bonuses—don’t miss this Pack or you’ll be left out in the cold!
Pack available from 7:00 am March 16th to 7:00 am March 30th (UTC)


Happy Cards – Ice Step Up Pack!

This 10-card Pack features 3 Tiers! Step up to the 3rd Tier and take advantage of a guaranteed Legendary Item!
Plus, all Legendary Items that appear in Tier 3 will be Ice-element for sure!
The Ice Step Up Pack will be gone in a flash, so grab it before the spark fades!

Ice Step Up Pack details:

Tier Cost Contents
Tier 1 100 Jewels A 10-card pack at half-price!
Tier 3 200 Jewels All Legendary Items in this Pack are Ice!
The 10th card is a guaranteed Legendary!

*After completing all 3 Tiers of the Lightning Step Up Pack, the Step Up bonuses will no longer be available.


Check out the new Frozen Dusk Series Awakening forms below

Frozen Dusk Awakening Forms
Base Lacerating Wing Awakened Lacerating Wing Pro
Base Twilight Surcoat Awakened Twilight Surcoat Pro
Base Permafrost Prism Awakened Permafrost Prism Pro
Base Lord of the Night Awakened Lord of the Night Pro
Base Predator’s Ice Cage Awakened Predator’s Ice Cage Pro
Base Queen of the Soirée Awakened Queen of the Soirée Pro


Unleash the Night Vampire Buff on each Frozen Dusk Helm!

Buff Effect
Night Vampire Increases HP and AP recovery, raises Fear and Stun resistance.
Weakens the effect of Healing Potions and food.

The Frozen Dusk Series grants you the power of the night with the Night Vampire buff found on each helm! Your HP and AP will restore quickly, and you’ll be less likely to suffer from Fear or Stun. However, power comes with a price—potions and food won’t be as effective while using this buff.
Combine this buff with other HP and AP restoring buffs to draw out the true power of the denizens of the dark!