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Happy Cards – Fire Step Up Pack! Plus New Awakenings for the Divine Inferno Series!

Period : April 6 , 2018 AM 7:00 - April 20 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Knights! Burn on with a divine flame!
Starting April 6th, the Divine Inferno Series is getting brand new Awakening forms!
Discover the true fire inside each helm, shield and accessory!!
To celebrate, the Fire Step Up Pack is coming to Happy Cards on April 6th.
Not only does this Pack increase your chances of getting a fire-element Item, it also comes with a special deal at Tiers 1 and 3!
This Pack is available from 7:00 am April 6th to 7:00 am April 20th, 2018 (UTC)!
Don’t miss your chance to obtain the true power of the divine flame!


Happy Cards – Fire Step Up Pack!

This Special Pack features 3 Tiers of 10 card Packs.
Tier 3 guarantees 10 Equipment Items, with at least 1 Legendary Item!
Plus, all Legendary Items in Tier 3 will be fire-element!
Set your foes alight with the Fire Step Up Pack!


Fire Step Up Pack Tiers:

Tier Cost Bonuses
Tier 1 100 Jewels 10 card Pack at half-price!
Tier 3 200 Jewels All Legendary Items in this Pack are fire-element!
At least 1 Legendary guaranteed!

※After completing Tier 3, Step Up bonuses will no longer be available.
This Pack will act as a Happy Cards – Fire Pack after Tier bonuses are completed.


Check out the new Divine Inferno Series Awakening forms below


Class Skill
Warrior Dragon Quake
Summons a pillar of fire from the ground. Use it in combination with other attacks!
Mage Ifrit’s Inferno
Incinerates enemies in front of you with fiery breath.
Cleric Phoenix Revival
Attacks enemies while recovering nearby allies.
Divine Inferno Awakening Forms
Base  Dragonscale Helm Awakened  Dragonscale Helm Pro
Base  Blazing Phoenix Awakened  Blazing Phoenix Pro
Base  Crimson Tail Feather Awakened  Crimson Tail Feather Pro
Base  Fire Spirit’s Protector Awakened  Fire Spirit’s Protector Pro
Base  Red Dragon’s Eyeball Awakened  Red Dragon’s Eyeball Pro
Base  Fire Djinn’s Insignia Awakened  Fire Djinn’s Insignia Pro