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Story Quest Chapter 10 – The Survivors is here!!

Story Quest 10th

The sudden appearance of the Deathbringers resulted in the 3rd kidnapping of Princess Lily and a thorough, demoralizing beating for our hero and the brave knights of the Order. As the knights flee in fear, the King charges past shouting “I will save the Princcess myself!” Just then, the mysterious Deathbringer Minion Pee-vil War stirs…

Coo! Knights!
Story Quest Chapter 10 – The Survivors is available starting today!!
In The Survivors, you’ll face goblins with strange… well, everything, as well as the Deathbringers!
And to make things even weirder, a new big boss awaits at the very end of the stage!
We’re counting on you knights to discover the mystery of the latest Story Quest! Good luck and try not to bring anything weird back with you!