Happy Dungeons


New Chapter 10 Story Quest: The Lily-Skinned Knight! Starts May 25th!

Story Quest 10th

Our 3 heroes somehow managed to survive their run-in with the Chaos Commanders.
A new enemy wielding the mysterious Chaos Power… a group of knights known as the Knights of the White Lily… Our troubles never seem to end, but Princess Lily is just ahead in the Royal Tombs!
That is, after our heroes defeat this band of thieves!

May 25th is bringing the next chapter of our story!
Prepare to meet some old friends, although I doubt they’ll be as easy to defeat as last time!
Plus, expect a new boss—which means new droppable Items!
Check out a sneak-peek of the upcoming chapter below!

Also, don’t miss the latest Happy Fest, starting May 25th!
Get ready for fabulous campaigns and more!