Happy Dungeons


The Wind Step-Up Pack is Back in Happy Cards!

Period : June 22 , 2018 AM 7:00 - July 6 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

The Wind Step-Up Pack is back from June 22nd!
Step into summer with a burning hot Pack, where wind element Items are easier to obtain than normal! Plus, tiers 1 and 3 come with special bonuses!
Available between 7:00 am June 22nd and July 6th (UTC)!


Happy Cards – Wind Step Up Pack!

This Special Pack features 3 Tiers of 10 card Packs.
Tier 3 guarantees 10 Equipment Items, with at least 1 Legendary Item!
Plus, all Legendary Items in Tier 3 will be wind-element!
Set your foes alight with the Wind Step Up Pack!


Wind Step Up Pack Tiers:

Tier Cost Bonuses
Tier 1 100 Jewels 10 card Pack at half-price!
Tier 3 200 Jewels All Legendary Items in this Pack are wind-element!
At least 1 Legendary guaranteed!

※After completing Tier 3, Step Up bonuses will no longer be available.
This Pack will act as a Happy Cards – Wind Pack after Tier bonuses are completed.