Happy Dungeons


Gifts by Interlocking Happy Wars

A great news for Happy Wars fans all over the world!
If you accomplish certain achievements on “Happy Wars” on Xbox ONE, the splendid items will be sent to you when you play “Happy Dungeons”!
The names of required achievements and the presents are as seen below!

Name of Achievement in Happy Wars Gift Name
The Legend Begins Happy Jewels x 10  icon_jewel
First Victory Happy Jewels x 10 icon_jewel
All-Rounder Gamer’s Controller gamercon
Treasure Hunter Happy Card Free Pass x1 freeticket
Gang Up Elite Controller elitecon
Standing On My Own Happy Jewels x 100 icon_jewel
The Best Items Finest Ore x 10 gokujo
Happy War-Lord Happy Jewels x 100 icon_jewel
Commander of the Light Knights Happy Jewels x 200 icon_jewel
World’s Fair Happy Card Free Passes x 10 freeticket

The presents for accomplished achievements are sent in the title screen when you play the game using the profile which have gained the above achievements.
You can receive the presents from “Inbox” in “Gift” menu!

* Please note that the presents will disappear if you don’t receive them in 30 days after being sent!
You have chances even if you haven’t played “Happy Wars” yet.
You will be able to claim them even after starting “Happy Dungeons”.
Let’s download it and start playing in this opportunity!