Happy Dungeons


October 19th, 2017 Version Update

New version update scheduled for 7:00 am October 19th (UTC).
*The PS4® version update for US consoles will arrive 11:00 am on October 19th (UTC) .

About the update data :
When downloading the update, it is possible that matchmaking will become unavailable or the game may not save recent data correctly.
If possible, please close the app at least 15 minutes before the update arrives.


UI / Game System

When viewing lobby session information, you can now view what enemies will appear in the currently selected quest as well as recommended items.
Each player’s NAT type is now displayed in the lobby party list.
Xbox One : changed Story Quest, Infinite Dungeon and Event Quest menus and matchmaking method to match the PS4® version.
PS4® : If exactly 2 players are in the lobby, the host must press Game Start to begin the session.
When there are exactly 4 players in the lobby, only 3 players are required to act to automatically begin the session.
Xbox One : conditions for the session to begin for the lobby have been changed to match the PS4® version
Penalties for dropping from a game now occur less often. A penalty will occur when the third interruption is done in a short time.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where players would enter a party even when signing in and receiving an error message.
Fixed an issue where Challenge orders could not be changed.