Happy Dungeons


December 7th, 2017 Version Update Details

Update available from 7:00 am December 7th, 2017

New Features

Added floors 81 – 100 to the Infinite Dungeon, composing the new area Braggart’s Execution Site.
Players can now choose the appearance of Equipment Items.
Added 6 enemies through a new enemy type, Demons.
Red outlines around enemies flash when they take a hit.
Added option to turn enemy outlines on or off.
Added a new consumable item called Super Paper Clay.
Added the Player Strength stat to player status allowing other players to view each other’s general potency in combat.
Separated support items and materials and added a sell function to the new menu.
Added feature to protect items from being mistakenly sold or otherwise destroyed.
A wandering boss may now appear at random in certain parts of the Infinite Dungeon.
Added the Appearance Lock function, allowing players to change out Equipment Items while maintaining their preferred Equipment Item’s appearance.
*Players cannot sell or consume locked items without unlocking them first.
Added new event where players will get a score for defeating enemies.
Equipment Items now saved in a different location than Materials.
Added the ability to check buff effects on the Item List screen.
Added certain things that appear at a low rate when opening a Happy Cards Pack.



Changed subtitle.
Players now choose the target of targeting skills with the left stick.
Players no longer die when falling off the stage or falling into the water but are instead returned to the start of the area at critical health.
Increased player movement speed.
AP restoration speed as Mage increased.
Enemy shock status duration reduced.
Experience received from defeating enemies doubled.
Made it so that the camera no longer resets when entering a room in a maze area.
Adjusted contents of Lily’s Special Pack.
Changes Skills (Warrior)


  • Damage increased.

Shield Charge

  • Increased damage based on amount of time spent charging.

Dragon Quake

  • Fire effect rate increased.

Charged Attack

  • Damage from second stage of charge and above increased.

Comet Punisher

  • Chance of causing stun decreased.

Fenrir’s Fang

  • Physical damage increased.
  • Magic damage decreased.
  • AP cost increased.
Changes Skills (Cleric)


  • Movement speed bonus increased.

Justice Swing

  • (Lv 2 and 3 only)Damage increased.

Forbidden Apple

  • Increased healing power.
  • Projectiles now affect a wider area.
  • Projectiles now last longer.
  • Reduced AP cost.
  • Reduced cooldown.

Soothing Bullet

  • Healing power increased.
  • Number of projectiles increased.
  • Projectiles now travel faster.
  • Reduced AP cost by a small amount.
Changes Skills (Mage)

Magic Napalm

  • Damage increased.

Lightning Strike

  • Damage increased.
  • Increased AP cost.

Wind Trap

  • Damage greatly increased.


  • Damage increased.
  • Reduced cooldown.

Rapid Shot

  • Fire effect rate increased.
  • Fire damage increased.

Thunder Drill

  • Shock rate decreased.

Raging Blaze

  • Damage increased.
  • Increased AP cost.
  • (Lv1 only)Increased cooldown slightly.
  • (Lv3 only)Decreased cooldown slightly.

Ifrit’s Inferno

  • Fire effect rate increased.
  • Fire damage increased.

Gust Bunny

  • Greatly decreased cooldown.

Starlight Blaster

  • Increased damage.

40.6cm Cannon

  • Greatly increased damage.

Psychic Bolt

  • Damage increased.
  • Shock effect rate increased.

Items / Buffs

Adjusted the following Items
  • Prisoner’s Armor +3
  • Knight’s Armor +3
  • Gladiator Armor +2
  • Gladiator Armor +3
  • Conqueror’s Armor
  • Conqueror’s Armor +1
  • Vanguard Mail
  • Vanguard Mail +1
  • Perseus Armor
  • Oracle’s Robe +1
  • Oracle’s Robe +2
  • Oracle’s Robe +3
  • Robe of Verity +3
  • Dwarf’s Armor +2
  • Dwarf’s Armor +3
  • Elegant Robe +2
  • Elegant Robe +3
  • Mythic Cloak +2
  • Mythic Cloak +3
  • Station Master’s Coat +1
  • Monk Master Robe
  • Destruction Garment +1
  • Underworld Garment
  • Underworld Garment +1
  • Incantation Robe +3
  • Ethnic Robe +2
  • Ethnic Robe +3
  • Lavish Coat +2
  • Lavish Coat +3
  • Fairy Robe +2
  • Fairy Robe +3
  • Fervor Robe Pro +3
  • Legendary Magus Robe
  • Legendary Magus Robe +1
  • Legendary Magus Robe +2
  • Legendary Magus Robe +3
  • Royal Magician’s Robe
  • Royal Magician’s Robe +1
  • Sacrilege Robe
  • Sacrilege Robe +1
  • Coat of the Demon Clan
  • Coat of the Demon Clan +1
  • Devil Armor
  • Ancient Robe
  • Ancient Robe +1
Adjusted the following Buffs
  • Attack Up
  • Attack Down
  • Magic Attack Up
  • Magic Attack Down
  • Defense Up
  • Defense Down
  • Magic Defense Up
  • Magic Defense Down
  • Guard Power Up
  • Guard Down
  • AntiMagic Guard Up
  • Magic Guard Down
  • Parameter Boost
  • All Parameter Down
  • Intensify Attack
  • Intensify Defense
  • Intensify Magic Attack
  • Intensify Magic Defense
  • Dual Guard Up
  • Physical Power Up
  • Magic Power Up
  • Ignite Effect Up
  • Hard Target
  • Shooter
  • Chaos Curse
  • Bushido

Bug fixes

Fixed issue where damage display options didn’t work for remote play.
Fixed issue where players would receive the Stun or Shock status when attacking enemies.
Fixed issue where tools can be used even when in conditions that should make them unusable.
Fixed issue where an Event Quest name was not displayed correctly.
Fixed issue where attaching an elemental effect buff of a different element on a weapon with an elemental effect built in would cancel out the elemental effect of the weapon.
Fixed issue where the in-game name of a player who left the session remains in the game.
Fixed issue where Enchant Effects appeared shortly after changing the character in the character slot.