Happy Dungeons


January 19th, 2018 Version Update Details


Defeated enemies take on a darker color.
Enemies flash for a split-second when being damaged.
Changed the timing to trigger the Warrior action “Rapid Stab.”
While attacking, press the button repeatedly and quickly to change your sencond attack or later to repeated thrusts.
Adjusted sound effect that occurs when striking enemies
Some attacks can now cause guard break.
When striking an enemy that is guarding, there will be a special sound effect and that enemy will be unable to guard for a time.
Added guard break to the 6th attack of the Cleric while in Hyper Mode.
Material Minions are now separate from regular Minions.
You can find the following in the items list:
  • Passive change material: God of Raffles
  • Attribute change material: “Book” Minions
  • Experience material: Metal Doll, Rare Metal Doll and Super Alloy Doll
  • Awakening material
Changed the following skill icons:
  • Warrior skill Fenrir’s Fang
  • Cleric skills Resurrect and Dispel
  • Added the guard break effect to the Warrior skill Shield Break
  • Added guard break to each level of the Cleric’s Justice Swing skill.
    *The level 3 version of the attack only causes guard break on the last hit of the attack.
  • Added guard break to each level of the Mage’s Magic Napalm skill.
  • Added guard break to the objects summoned by the Mage’s Meteor Storm skill.


Bug fixes

Fixed target tracking on the Mage’s thunderbolt magic shot.
Fixed issue with Awakening and Matador’s Crest
Fixed issue where Awakening would get cancelled when material that is the same as the base item being Awakened.
Fixed an issue in which Epic Free Pass icons were not displayed in the Inbox.
Fixed issue where materials were treated as Equipment Items in the Order, Inbox and Item Shop screens.
Fixed issue where Team skills could be cancelled after launching them by pressing a button repeatedly.
Fixed issue where the Appearance Lock function could be shared across multiple accounts.
Fixed an issue where the opening effect for items acquired in the Treasure House did not display correctly.