Happy Dungeons


March 2nd, 2018 Version Update Details

Update available from 8:00 am March 2nd, 2018

New Features

Added option to turn voice chat on and off.


Adjusted the amount of bonus experience received based on the number of party members.
Can now change the direction your character is facing during a roll.
Reduced the gap in between rolls.
Added skill activation sound and motion SE to some slow skills.
Adjusted the contents of the chapter 2 Quest, “The Gowgow Tribe.”
Adjusted the boss difficulty on Human in the chapter 3 Quest “Big Game.”
Changed the icon design for the Epic rarity.
Made it so some bosses can now be inflicted with “fear” or “smash effect.”


  • Can now cancel the slide that occurs after using certain skills.
  • Reduced time it takes to roll again after using magic shot from a roll.
  • Can now strafe during magic shot.
  • relaxed upward tracking on thunderbolt.
  • Mega Life Burst scaling increased.
  • Mega Life Burst scaling increased.


Changes Skills Cleric

Adjusted the number of hits and damage on the skill “Holy Ball.”


Bug fixes

Fixed bug where durability was not displayed correctly on the Edit Minion Party screen.
Fixed bug where a large number of logs would spill out when flipping a switch during certain quests.
Fixed bug where Fear, Stun and Smash Effect buffs would apply their effects to non-melee skills.