Happy Dungeons


April 27th, 2018 Version Update Details

Update available from 8:00 am April 27th, 2018

New Features

Added current Premium Membership Grade and description on its effects to Inventory List.


Added new quest to Story Quest.
We changed the ordering of Material Minions in Minion Awakening.
Made adjustments to Minions.
Raised parameters among all rarities.
Increased size of in-game character models. The range of certain abilities has been widened.
New customize parts added to item shop.


  • You can now activate skill Stone Throw while moving.
  • Can now equip a shield. *Still cannot guard.
  • Added attack to enchant skills.
  • When cast, an attack will occur around the player who is the target of the skill.
  • The higher the level, the higher the damage, range and chance of status infliction.

Made the following adjustments to the skill Ice Ball:

  • Hitbox changed
  • AP cost decreased
  • Damage magnification increased

Made the following adjustments to the skill Evade:

  • Decreased cooldown.
  • Guard Break effect added to the last attack in basic attack combo.
  • Increased speed of normal attacks in Normal Mode.
  • Guard attack added. The following points are different from warrior guard attacks.
  • Damage increased against undead and demons.
  • Magic Guard stat will help determine damage.

Made the following adjustments to the skill Phoenix Revival:

  • Added effect to signal range of effect that appears while casting.
  • No longer interrupted by weak attacks while casting.
  • HP recovery effect added.
  • Rage build effect added. Rage amount determined by the number of nearby teammates.
  • Added Guard Break effect.

Made the following adjustment to the skill Dance of Death.

  • Added an outside hitbox that does less damage, but can inflict Fear.
    *Undead enemies, large bosses and other enemies who are unnaffected by Fear are not affected.

Made the following adjustments to the skill Sanctuary.

  • Duration greatly Increased.
  • Cooldown drastically increased.

Made the following adjustments to the skill Aura:

  • Duration increased.

Made the following adjustments to the skill Saintly Vacuum:

  • AP cost greatly decreased.

Bug fixes

Fixed bug that caused the wrong sound effect to play at certain goal doorways.
Fixed issue where low HP background music played at the wrong time.
When the buff Flow Like Water reduces the number of Happy Stars earned to less than 1, you will now obtain 1 Happy Star.
Fixed bug where elemental icons were sometimes not displayed correctly when Minions attacked
Fixed issue where the effect of the Minion passive abilities God of ~ were not reflected in some skills.
Fixed bug where the clear condition could not be satisfied if you defeated an enemy immediately after the quest began in Story Quest Chapter 2: The Gowgow Tribe.
Fixed bug where some material items were not registered correctly in the Encyclopedia.