Happy Dungeons


New Legendary Items “Divine Inferno” Is Here!

They say civilization began with the invention of fire. But wouldn’t it be better if you could wear it as a suit? Flames never go out of fashion, and this new equipment is setting the catwalk alight!

Now it’s your turn to roast, toast, and frazzle the enemy with this fiery gear! You’ll even pick up some great new skills along the way!

Get Divine Inferno items in an Event that Guarantees Featured and Legendary Items! Available until January 6.


Class Skill
Warrior Dragon Quake
Summons a pillar of fire from the ground.
Use it in combination with other attacks.

Buff obtained with skill:
Attacking an enemy at close range sometimes makes the enemy fear.

Mage ifrit’s Inferno
Incinerates enemies in front of you with fiery breath.

Buff obtained with skill:
Boosts defense and magic defense.

Cleric Phoenix Revival
Attacks enemies while recovering nearby allies.

Buff obtained with skill:
Reduces skill cooldown time.