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Limited Edition Equipment Items in the Event Quest The Butler and I! 

Period : October 6 , 2017 - October 10 , 2017

The middle manager of the Dark Realm is here!
It’s time for a new Weekend Rumble Event Quest.

The boss this time is the Butler!
Also, this time you’ll need to be ready for 2 Ogres of different elements who are out for your blood!

The faster you defeat the sneaky snake the better your rewards!

Just like previous Weekend Rumble Event Quests, the boss this time will drop a treasure chest upon defeat.

The quality and quantity of the rewards inside this chest will depend on how quickly you tame this dastardly middle-manager.
Conquer the Butler in a flash and collect the best rewards!

Clerics, rejoice! The limited-edition Equipment Item Set this time around is just for you!

Introducing the Event Exclusive Cleric Set!

Serpent Mace
Max Offence 4928
Max Magic Offence 7520
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Heal Booster Lv8
Man Eater Lv8
Item to Awaken Serpent Mace +1
Deathly Serpent Mace
Hat of Deathly Smile
Max Deffence 2816
Max Magic Deffence 3008
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Lord of Tombstones
Skeleton Cloak
Max Deffence 5632
Max Magic Deffence 6016
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Rotten Stench
Undead Protection Lv 8
Item to Awaken Skeleton Cloak +1
Skeleton Cloak +2
Tomb Shield
Max Deffence 7040
Max Magic Deffence 7520
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Rotten Stench
Smash Resistance Lv 3
Information Equippable by Warrior,Cleric.


New buff: Lord of Tombstones

The helm Hat of Deathly Smile comes with a new Buff!

Buff: Effect:
Lord of Tombstones Reduces damage from undead, raises Fear resistance shortens casting time for the skill Resurrect.

The Butler is armed to the teeth with long-range attacks including troublesome homing bombs, while his Ogre pals prefer to fight up close and personal.
It’s a deadly combination combining close range combat with long-range support!
Try to slip past the Ogres and knock the Butler out before things get too hairy!

You only have this weekend to challenge the Butler and his cronies, so try to see how quickly you can complete the Quest and collect tons of items!
Event Quest available 7:00 am October 6th to 7:00 am October 10th (UTC)!