Happy Dungeons


The Wind & Wild life Pack Howls into Happy Cards!

Period : October 13 , 2017 AM 7:00 - October 27 , 2017 AM 6:59 (UTC)

Happy Cards – Wind & Wild life Pack arrives Friday, October 13th!In preparation for the upcoming October 20th Event, the new Wind & Wild life Pack is teeming with wind element Equipment Items – and of course, the Wild life Series! Get the Wild life Series and push the Items to the limit to unlock their newly-added Awakening Forms!


The Wild life Series features the mysterious champions of the forest, the Beastmen!
Take the form of a ferocious wolf, a cute deer or a delicate rabbit and unleash their power!

Equipment Items imbued with the power of wind are especially effective at damaging and protecting from lightning element enemies. They’re certain to come in handy very soon!
Plus, if you complete a quest while equipped with a weapon from the Wild life Series, you’ll acquire a new skill!


Acquired Skill

Class Skill
Warrior Beast Jet
A full-power, full-spirited, full-body tackle!
Use the left stick to change direction.
You can evade bosses’ strikes while attacking!
Mage Gust Bunny
Summons 2 small twisters that chase down enemies!
After using the skill, the twisters remain for a long time, so you can use them to run away or chase your enemies!
Cleric Forbidden Apple
The cleric’s high-class healing skill!
Throws a spine-tinglingly juicy fruit to heal allies in a radius.
If you throw them right, you can heal many allies at once!


Awakenings Items

Wild life Series Awakenings
Before Piercing Moonlight Awakened Piercing Moonlight Pro
Before Werewolf’s Fury Awakened Werewolf’s Fury Pro
Before Zaqqum Branch Awakened Zaqqum Branch Pro
Before Wandering Innocence Awakened Wandering Innocence Pro
Before Queen of the Night Awakened Queen of the Night Pro
Before The Unforgivable Awakened The Unforgivable Pro

Available until 7:00 am Friday, October 27th!
This special Pack is perfect for handling the lightning element enemies coming in the October 20th Event. Get prepared, with the Wind & Wild life Pack!