Happy Dungeons


Get Exclusive Equipment Items in The Crimson Ogre and I!

Period : February 9 , 2018 AM 7:00 - February 16 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Coo! Knights!
Battle a fearsome boss enemy in the latest Big Boss Rumble Event Quest!
This week, a storm is brewing, and at its center is the mighty
Crimson Ogre!
You’ll need to be clever and resilient if you don’t want to be blown away by his wind-element attacks!


Win Fast for Fabulous Treasure!

Just like previous Big Boss Rumble Event Quests, the boss here will drop a treasure chest upon defeat.
The quality of this chest’s contents depends on the speed at which you complete the Event!
Finish off the boss as fast as you can to get the best prizes, including an exclusive Warrior Set!


Event Exclusive Warrior Equipment Items!

Max Offence 8448
Max Magic Offence 7308
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Double Rage Lv2
Item to Awaken Macuahuitl+1
Snake Macuahuitl
Feathered Serpent Helmet
Max Deffence 3072
Max Magic Deffence 2784
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Spirit Shift
Rage Power-Up Lv2
Pre-Hispanic Armor
Max Deffence 5837
Max Magic Deffence 5290
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Elemental Damage Down LV2
Spear Boost Lv7
Item to Awaken Pre-Hispanic Armor +1
Pre-Hispanic Armor +2
Feathered Shield
Max Deffence 7680
Max Magic Deffence 6960
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Elemental Damage Down LV3
Guard Attack Up Lv3
Information Equippable by Warrior,Cleric.


Feathered Serpent Helmet Featured Buff: Spirit Shift!

Feathered Serpent Helmet contains an exclusive buff.

Buff Effect
Spirit Shift Reduces elemental attack damage and resistance to fear and stun.
Increases AP recovery speed in Super Mode and Hyper Mode.

This Event Quest runs for7 days, from 7:00 am February 9th to 7:00 am February 16th!
Defeat the Crimson Ogre and collect all rewards while you can!