Happy Dungeons


Results of the 2nd Character Customize Contest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2nd Character Customize Contest either by submitting an entry or through voting.
We apologize for delaying the announcement of the results from February 5th to today.
We are aware that communication regarding the rules of the contest were not specific enough, and we of the Happy Dungeons Management Team will work to avoid similar confusion in the future.

In commemoration of the outstanding work performed by our top 5 nominees, all five will receive their own original Minion as well Happy Jewels.
Additionally, we have sent Happy Cards Free Passes to all players, related to the number of total votes received in this contest. The number was the maximum 20 passes, which were sent out on February 9th, 2018.
※Happy Cards Free Passes will be sent to your Inbox.
Items disappear 30 days after arriving at your Inbox, so please collect them before then.


【Top 5 Nominees】


Top 5 Nominees – Prizes

・Original Minion designed after the nominee’s own entry

・Happy Jewels x390

After that, each of our 5 nominees will receive either Product Codes for use in the PS4® PS®Store, OR a direct message through Twitter with a code that can be used in the Xbox One Store.
These codes can be used to obtain Happy Jewels in-game.

Moving forward, we will strive to ensure that rules regarding our contests are clearer, so that a winner may be selected in a way that leaves all involved satisfied.

Thank you for your participation in this contest, and please look forward to upcoming Events, contests and campaigns for Happy Dungeons.