Happy Dungeons


Get Exclusive Items in Big Boss Rumble! The Lich Lord and I!

Period : April 27 , 2018 AM 8:00 - May 11 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Knights! It’s time for a new Big Boss Rumble!
Prepare to battle the lord of the dead: The Lich Lord!
Beware his devious lightning attacks!Also, don’t miss the 7th Happy Fest going on now!
Celebrate with a weeks’ worth of awesome campaigns!


Win Fast for Fabulous Treasure!

Just like previous Big Boss Rumble Event Quests, the boss here will drop a treasure chest upon defeat.
The quality of this chest’s contents depends on the speed at which you complete the Event!
Finish off the boss as fast as you can to get the best prizes, including an exclusive Warrior Set!


NEW! Exclusive Warrior Set!

Super Plume
Max Offence 8800
Max Magic Offence 6800
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Crunch Time Power Up Lv1
Shield Break Booster Lv1
Item to Awaken Super Plume +1
Ironrock Helmet
Max Deffence 3200
Max Magic Deffence 2720
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Magnetism
Ironrock Armor
Max Deffence 7040
Max Magic Deffence 5440
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Crunch Time Damage Down Lv1
Smash Resistance Lv3
Item to Awaken Ironrock Armor+1
Ironrock Armor+2
Ironrock Shield
Max Deffence 8000
Max Magic Deffence 6800
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Counter Lv3
Get Hit & Gain AP Lv3


New Buff: Magnetism!

Buff Effect
Magnetism Makes enemies more likely to target you.
Broadens the range for drawing in dropped items.
AP recovers according to the amount of damage suffered from an attack.

Find the new buff on the helm of this Event-excusive Equipment Set!
Magnetism, as the name suggests, is all about attraction—pull in items and enemy attention as you restore AP based on the amount of damage you take!
Event runs from 8:00 am April 27th to 7:00 am May 11th (UTC)! Don’t miss it!