Happy Dungeons


Celebrate Golden Week with Happy Fest 7!!

Period : April 27 , 2018 AM 8:00 - May 11 , 2018 AM 7:00 (UTC)

Coo-! Knights, Happy Fest is back again!
Don’t miss a smorgasbord of campaigns including the Happy Cards – Festival Class Pack! From 8:00 am April 27th to 7:00 am May 11th (UTC)!


Happy Fest 7 Campaign 1:
Exclusive Items with the Happy Cards – Festival Pack!

Get Items that can’t be found anywhere else with the Festival Pack!
This Pack contains Epic Equipment Items that can Awaken to Cosmic, including the Mage’s Andromeda Set!
And of course, each 10 card Pack contains at least one Epic Item guaranteed!

NEW Andromeda Set!

Queen of Andromeda
Max Offence 7040
Max Magic Offence 7520
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Magic Unleashed
Item to Awaken Queen of Andromeda +1
Empress of Andromeda
Andromeda Helm
Max Deffence 3416
Max Magic Deffence 3307
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Annihilation Program
Parameter Boost Lv8
Andromeda Armor
Max Deffence 5632
Max Magic Deffence 5414
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Max HP Up Lv8
Item to Awaken Andromeda Armor+1
Andromeda Armor+2
Golden Emblem
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Turret Power Up Lv3
Parameter Boost Lv7
Information Equippable by all classes.


New Buff: Annihilation Program!

Find it on the helm!

Buff Effect
Annihilation Program Increases damage dealt to enemies but decreases the rate at which Super Mode and Hyper Mode build.
Rage decreases faster while not attacking.

The Happy Fest exclusive Festival Class Pack is back!

Happy Fest 6 Campaign 2:
Power-up your favorite class with the Festival Class Pack!

The Happy Fest exclusive Festival Class Pack is back!
Get any items from past Festival Packs in a special class-specific package!
You’ll get 10 cards containing only items made for the class of your choice, so take this opportunity to power up your favorite character!

Festival Class Pack Contents
Warrior Pack

Yamato Trooper Set

Dragon Knight Set

Dark Assassin Set

Holy Lancer Set

Cleric Pack

Tricera Set

Emperor Set

Arabian Knight Set

Guardian Set

Mage Pack Happy


Owl Set

Stardust Mage Set

*The Festival Class Pack does not include the Andromeda Set.
*Only Items of the chosen class will appear, regardless or rarity. For example, the Warrior Pack contains only Equipment Items that can be used by the Warrior class.


Happy Fest 6 Campaign 3:
Super Item Level-Up Campaign!

Another Happy Fest means the popular Super Item Level-Up Campaign is back!
Get 30% off the Happy Star cost of Item Level-Up and Buff Removal!
Not only that, your chances of achieving Big Success or Super Success are doubled!!
You’ll want your Equipment Items in tip-top shape for the upcoming Major Update, so get out there and Level-Up!


Happy Fest 6 Campaign 4:
Get Happy Jewels and more!

Log in during this campaign and get Happy Jewels and other fabulous items each day!
If you miss a day, then you’ll lose the item for that day but still receive any items after that if you log in!
Try to log in each day and grab all the rewards!

Date Login Reward
7:00 am April 27th to 7:00 am May 11th Finest Ore x3
Big Hammer x1