Happy Dungeons


Special New Items are Coming to Happy Cards Limited Edition Today!

Period : January 24 , 2017 - January 31 , 2017

Happy Cards Limited Edition is Available Now!

Happy Cards isn’t done with January events just yet! Happy Cards Limited Edition starts today! Limited Edition offers packs that contain special items that don’t appear in normal packs!

Introducing the Dragon Knight Set!

The new items this time are parts of an Epic rare Warrior Equipment Item Set, the Dragon Knight Set! Do you, perhaps, remember the people that once waged war on an island floating in the sky?
Dragon Lance
Max Offence 8800
Max Magic Offence 6800
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Non-Elemental Killer Lv3
Item to Awaken Dragon Lance +1
Red Dragon Lance
Dragon Knight Armor
Max Deffence 6400
Max Magic Deffence 5440
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Attack Up Lv7
Item to Awaken Dragon Knight Armor +1
Dragon Knight Armor +2
Dragon Knight Shield
Max Deffence 1392
Max Magic Deffence 6960
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Fire Damage Down Lv7
Get Hit & Gain AP Lv3
Dragon Knight Helm
Max Deffence 3072
Max Magic Deffence 2784
Buff Slots 3
Fixed Buff Technician
Intensify Lv2

Non-Elemental Killer!

Introducing a new buff that’s effective against non-elemental enemies, Non-Elemental Killer! This buff deals heavy damage to enemies who don’t have an element such as Love Ogre, Banshees and other formidable non-elemental foes!

This new buff also works well alongside the Cleric’s Dispel skill!

Power-up with the new buff, Technician!

The Dragon Knight Helm comes equipped with the powerful new buff, Technician! Technician Increases AP recovery and reduces skill cooldown time!

If you’re the kind of Warrior that likes to fire off skills as often as possible then this is the helm you’ve been waiting for!