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Applying user feedback for data adjustment and bug fixes.

On UTC January 24th, 2017, at 9:00 an update was released.
If the game doesn’t have the newest data it won’t run properly.
If you were playing at the time of release, please go back to the title screen to update the game.

Item/Minion/Enemy Changes

Made it so that when selling Epic or Legendary Rare Awakener Items you’ll receive Rare Metal.
Changed the appearance of items obtained through Awakening as well as the following items:
・Rueful Sword
・Iron Hammer of Justice
・Prison Keys
・Enforcer’s Armor
・Judge’s Armor
・Warden’s Coat
Adjusted effect that elemental weakness and resistance has on damage dealt.
・Reduced damage dealt to enemies when using an element they are not weak to. Increased damage dealt to enemies when using an element they are weak to.
・Increased the damage bonus provided by the Mage’s Enchant skills and Elemental Stone items. Rarer weapons receive an even greater damage bonus.
Added a new buff: Non-Elemental Killer.
Adjusted certain tools.
・The tools Fake Soma, Diluted Soma and Miracle Soma now increase Rage buildup when used.
・Improved the effect of Magical Ether and added a sound effect when used.
・Extended the duration of Magical Ether’s effect.
Made Biopurse enemies easier to detect.
・Biopurses now make a sound when they move.
・Biopurses now display an icon showing surprise above their head when they notice the player.

Game Mode/ Menu Changes

Made the following improvements to the tutorial
・After completing the tutorial quest you can now proceed to the next quest immediately.
・Changed layout of the traps in “Countdown to the Beginning” and “Search for the Princess.”
・Changed the rewards received for clearing “Countdown to the Beginning” and “Search for the Princess” for the first time.
・In the final area of “Countdown to the Beginning,” you can now test out some powerful tools and skills.
・In “Countdown to the Beginning,” added instructions above the player’s head such as “X: attack.”
・Changed the camera and timing of the cutscene in “Search for the Princess.”
Changes to Story Dungeons.
・Rare Awakener Items such as crystals now drop on Death and Insane difficulty.
*Items and skills usable in the final area of “Countdown to the Beginning” will not carry over into other quests as a result of the story.
Player Rank, current number of Happy Stars and current number of Happy Jewels will now be displayed underneath the player’s Gamertag in the upper right corner of the screen.

UI / Game Changes

Tips now change after a short period of time on the loading screen.

Sound Changes

Fixed issue where the Zombie attack sound effect would not play.
Adjusted Voice and Sound Effect volume settings in the options menu.

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug preventing the following buffs from working.
・Turret Power Up
・Turret Durability Up
Fixed issue where the color and effects of certain parts of stages were not displayed correctly.
Fixed issue where the curtain would not rise when returning to the “Awaken Minion” screen from the “Select Minion to Awaken” screen.
Fixed issue where tools could still be used even when escaping the Infinite Dungeon by elevator.