Happy Dungeons


Story Quest Chapter 11 -「Super Happy DAISAKUSEN」Starts June 29th!

Story Quest 11th

It’s here! It’s finally here! Coooo!!!
The party has finally arrived at Royal Mausoleum where Princess Lily is being held!
But just as they arrive, they’re accosted by the mighty Chaos Commanders! Can the sword of justice cut through the undying fiends and their unmatched Chaos Power!?
And even deeper into the tombs is the even more fearsome Blood Lord!!

Things aren’t looking good for Princess Lily or our brave heroes… and yet they still seem to have time for a few gags! Get a grip guys!!
You’ll need to be at the top of your game to face down the deadly dangers dangling before you—so get Happy and tear through the Dungeon!!

A new Story Quest is swooping in on June 29th!
It seems like we’re finally approaching the climactic final battle! You’ll be facing down one monstrously powerful boss after another, so stock up on your best items, power up your strongest Equipment, and give it all you’ve got! Coo!
You’ll also find new drop items!Take a look at a sneak peek of what’s to come in「Super Happy DAISAKUSEN」!

Don’t forget to check out the latest Happy Fest starting June 22th!
You’ll find fabulous campaigns and more, so don’t miss it!