Happy Dungeons


July 28th, 2017 Update Data Information

New update data will be delivered to all users on July 28th at 7 am (UTC).
Your game must be up-to-date to play Happy Dungeons.
If you are in-game when the Update Data hits, please return to the Title Screen and reenter the game to download the latest data.

Event Quest: Singy Reller and I!

As with previous Weekend Showdown Event Quests, defeat a boss to receive a treasure chest filled with rewards.
The quality and quantity of the rewards in the treasure chest depend on how quickly you defeat the boss.
For more information, visit the link below. Available until July 31st at 7 am.


Requiem of the Dead Bonus Experience Campaign!

Between 7 am July 28th and 7 am September 1st, players will receive more experience than normal when completing Story Quest Chapter 8: 28 Seconds Later.


Happy Cards Limited Edition Presents the Tricera Set!

Limited Edition provides a chance to obtain items that are unobtainable in normal Happy Cards.
Available until August 1st at 7 am.
For more information, visit the link below.


Items / Minions / Buffs

Added the new buff Art of Lightning.
Buff effect: Reduces the AP cost of Lightning Shot and extends its range.
Also extends the duration of shock status ailment on enemies and shortens casting time for the skill Lightning Strike.
Rare Metal Shop Lineup changed.