Happy Dungeons


August 10th, 2017 Update Data Information

New Update Data coming Friday, August 10th at 7:00 am (UTC)
Your game must be up-to-date to play Happy Dungeons.
If you are in-game when the Update Data hits, please return to the Title Screen and reenter the game to download the latest data.

Happy Cards – Finest Ore & Legendary Statue Campaign!


From August 10th 7:00 am to August 18th 7:00 am, purchase a 5 or 10 card pack of Happy Cards to receive a Finest Ore and Legendary Statue free.

Number of cards / cost (in Jewels) Set Contents
5 card pack / 100 Jewels 5 Rare or better items + 1 Finest Ore + 1 Legendary Statue
10 card pack / 200 Jewels 10 Rare or better items + 3 Finest Ore + 3 Legendary Statue
*This campaign is only available in Happy Cards. Happy Cards – Free Pass Pack and Happy Cards Lite are unaffected.

Items / Minions / Buffs

Rare Metal Shop Lineup changed.