Development Team Assistant Knobby here!
Do you know what you do before you leave the house? That’s right, turn the knob!

Was my last talk on Leader Abilities helpful?
Well this time we’re gonna talk about Minion Passive Abilities!!

Minion Passive Abilities

The Minions that you add to your party using the Organize Party tab in the Minion Lab have something other than just Leader Abilities: they also have Passive Abilities!
Passive Abilities have an effect on your character’s parameters, can increase your damage output and can give you advantages against enemies of specific types.

I bet you want an example now, don’t’cha? Well then take a look at the Passive Ability “Strong Ties.” This ability powers up your character’s Attack Power, meaning it’s perfect for all of you mighty Warriors out there.

What, another example? Fine, fine, here ya go: the Passive Ability “Magical Bond” gives you a nice little boost to your Magic Attack.

Something else to keep in mind, if you can get a few Minions with “Strong Ties,” your Attack Power will go up even more!


Passive Abilities are also pretty random

Passive Abilities are also pretty random I should add. Two of the same Minion can have completely different Passive Abilities!

The Passive Abilities I’ve talked about here aren’t the only abilities Minions can use to help you in battle.
So, go and take another look at your Minions and see if your opinion on any of’em changed!

As your level increases, so does the number of Minions you can take along with ya. Talk about a big power-up!

That feeling you get as you smack baddies for more and more and more damage is just the best, isn’t it?!
(The Happy Dungeons Development Team believes that all living beings deserve to be treated kindly).
Argh, now I want my own Minions!! They’re just so dag-nab cute!!

Well, that’s about it for today. Keep your eyes peeled for your best pal Knobby (that’s me) with more recommended skills and abilities.

Oh, and if you have any questions then feel free to send’em right here so Sir Pidgeand can take a look!

Catch’ya later!


Nice ta meet’cha, the name’s Knobby! I’m an assistant to the Development Team here.
My motto is “the big wide world is waiting for you, and all you have to do to get there is turn yer door knob!”

This time around, I’m gonna talk about the Mascots of Happy Dungeons, the ever-lovable and infinitely crunchable Minions!
What’s that? “I don’t need no stinkin’ help, I can handle everything all by myself!” you say? Well, if you wanna kick even more baddie-behind, then let me tell you how to beat the crud out of anyone you meet!
(*Please note, the Happy Dungeons Development Team does not condone physical violence).


Leader Abilities

Check it out. See, Minions have these set skills called Leader Abilities.

If you wanna use a particular Leader Ability, make sure the Minion with that Leader Ability is set to the first slot in Organize Party in the Minion Lab.


Alright, let’s look at an example before we move on. The Minions “Jan” and “Peel Skinner” have this cool little Leader Ability called “Meat Chef.”
Now, let’s say you put Jan or Peel Skinner in your party’s first slot, and you take damage from an enemy.

If you’re lucky, your Meat Chef Minion will make you a nice hotdog and drop it on the ground for you to enjoy and heal yourself with.


Let’s get The Minion!

Peel Skinner & Jan

Just now, did I hear you say “hmph. I guess I could use a useful little Minion like that”?
Well you’re in luck! Jan can be found in the Story Dungeon Chapter 6: A New Enemy quest, “The Goblin Leader,” and Peel Skinner will sometimes join you after completing the Story Dungeon Chapter 4: Strange Friends quest, “Medicine.”

Also, keep in mind that you can even get these Minions when doing the missions on Human difficulty!

Not every Minion has the same Leader Ability, either.
Whenever you get a new Minion, check their abilities, and pick the ones that suit your tastes to create your very own Minion Party!
Catch’ya later!